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Is Conestoga accepting new members? Conestoga memberships are currently available.  See Membership page on this website for eligibility requirements.  Please note: Membership can be closed without prior notice.

What is the cost of a new Conestoga membership? First year membership is $250 and $125 annually thereafter. Membership runs on a calendar year from January thru December renewals and dues are payable from September through December for the following year.

Must I have a Club sponsor to join Conestoga?

Although a Club sponsor is necessary, it is recognized that some applicants may not have acquired an endorsement. As such, applicants without a Club sponsor should still apply for membership so appropriate arrangements can be made to satisfy this requirement.

What about family memberships?

Your spouse/partner as well as any person under 18 years of age living in your household can enjoy certain Club privileges.  For example, they can use the range so long as the Club member is with them.

Can my younger children use the range under my close supervision?

Yes, so long as you provide close supervision and, of course are comfortable with their maturity and ability to safety handle a firearm.

Can members bring range guests?

Yes.  Cost is $10 per guest.  No more than two guests at a time and member takes full responsibility for any issues arising from guest’s actions.  Members are not permitted to discharge firearms while guest is on firing line.

How are members kept informed of activities/news?

Members are encouraged to attend monthly membership meetings (September thru June) to keep abreast of Club business.  Additionally members are sent email alerts on important matters and other Club news is also communicated in the Members section of this website.

How do I access the Members section on website?

Once you have joined Conestoga, you will be given information so you can access the Members section.


What matches are held at Conestoga?

The following matches are currently held:

  • Rimfire:  Gallery, Action, Two Gun, Moving, Single Shot, Prone
  • Centerfire: Defense, Military, Cowboy

For specific match information please refer to the Club Calendar.

When are the matches held?

Most of the matches are scheduled weekly.  A schedule of matches is provided on the Clun Calendar.

How do I sign up for a match?

Matches are open to members and guests. There is no sign up required. Just come to the Club when matches are scheduled.

I never shot in a match before this is all new to me!

Instead of joining right in consider coming to a match to observe. New members are encouraged to attend all matches.


How big is the range?

Indoor range is 50 foot with 11 shooting lanes.  Shooting stations can be moved for closer distances up to 33 feet (10 meters).  Overhead infrared heating is provided for winter comfort.

Are rifles and shotguns permitted on the range?

No centerfire rifles nor shotguns!

What handguns are permitted on the range? 

Both rimfire and centerfire pistols are permitted. However, all magnums and most high powered center fire are prohibited.  Any questions regarding used of a specific firearm or caliber, please contact a Club Officer. 

Is fully jacketed ammo permitted?

All shooting lanes are fortified to accept jacketed ammo for permitted calibers.

When is the range available?

Range is available for members 365 days from 8 AM to 11 PM subject to scheduled matches or events.

How do I access the range?

Members are given an Access Card that provides electronic access to Club. New members are oriented on proper entry and exit procedures as well as other important information about the Club.

When is the best time to enjoy the range?

With eleven shooting lanes most anytime, but always first check the schedule for any planned activity/event.

If you have any additional questions, please use the form provided in the Contact section.

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