Explore Marksmanship Excellence in Southampton, PA

Embark on a journey of marksmanship mastery at Conestoga Rod & Gun Club in Southampton, PA. As a premier destination for shooting enthusiasts, we offer a rich legacy dating back to 1950. Our indoor range, featuring 11 versatile shooting lanes, caters to both novices and seasoned shooters. Enjoy the camaraderie of a vibrant community and participate in thrilling matches and events. Discover the details of our membership, range facilities, and more in our comprehensive FAQs. Join us in preserving our historic marksmanship legacy, where passion, precision, and community converge at Conestoga Rod & Gun Club.

Membership FAQs:

Is Conestoga accepting new members? Yes, memberships are open. Visit the Membership page for eligibility details.

What is the cost of a new Conestoga membership? First-year membership is $290, and $140 annually thereafter. Membership runs from January to December, with dues payable from September to December for the following year.

Must I have a Club sponsor to join Conestoga? While a sponsor is preferred, applicants without one can still apply, and arrangements will be made.

What about family memberships? Spouses/partners and under-18 household members can enjoy Club privileges, including range use.

Range FAQs:

How big is the range? The indoor range is 50 feet with 11 shooting lanes, adjustable for distances up to 33 feet.

Are rifles and shotguns permitted? No centerfire rifles or shotguns are allowed.

What handguns are permitted? Both rimfire and centerfire pistols are allowed, with restrictions on magnums and high-powered centerfire. Contact a Club Officer for specific firearm inquiries.

Is fully jacketed ammo permitted? Yes, all lanes are fortified for jacketed ammo within permitted calibers.

When is the range available? Members have access 365 days, 24 hours seven days every week, subject to scheduled matches.

How do I access the range? Members receive an Access Card for electronic entry, with orientation provided for proper procedures.

Embrace marksmanship legacy. Join Conestoga Rod & Gun Club for camaraderie, matches, and unforgettable experiences!


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