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MessagefromthePresidentWelcome back to Conestoga Rod and Gun Club. As we start the 2016- 2017 shooting season, there are a few items that are new for this year.
We are now establishing a guest waiver system. When bringing a guest to enjoy our club, simply have them sign and date the waiver sheet, insert the waiver with the $5.00 guest fee into the supplied envelope and drop the envelope into the mailbox. We are doing this to protect our club and members. We are also using this to recruit new members. 
We are now a registered Civilian Marksmanship Program club (CMP). With this affiliation we can expand and create new shooting opportunities for our members and non members to compete. Two of the programs that fit our club very well are the .22 Rimfire Pistol Excellence In Competition (EIC) program where individuals compete for the coveted, nationally recognized and often elusive Distinguished Shooter Medals.
The other program is the Junior Program, the life blood of our sport. Our club used to have a very active Junior Program and reestablishing the program would be a huge plus to the future of our club and the shooting sports. We will need help in both the participation and organization of these programs. Please contact Erich Lauff or Hays Raab to help get these programs going. More info available at www.thecmp.org
We added a new Committee to our club, the Fund Raising Committee. Headed by Joe Leska, the opportunities to raise capital to fund the future of our club will be explored and implemented. From raising funds to repair and improve our age weary facilities to making sure we can maintain and update the club as needed. We are way behind now and have the daunting task of playing ‘catch up’. A questionnaire/ survey will be coming this fall, please fill it out and return. We need to know what everyone would like to see happen so we can develop a proper plan.
We are also investigating doing a club sponsored Firearms Safety Course. There have been a variety of inquires about having a program to meet the ever growing number of gun owners and thinking about owners. We have the resources within the club so there would be no third party operators involved. A women’s only program is of great interest.
If interested in attending or have resources available that can help make this program happen, please contact Hays Raab.
As for the rest of our programs, they will remain intact for this year. The Cowboys, Single Shot Rifle and Smallbore Prone matches will be held as always. Check the website and Yahoo calendars for dates and times. The Tuesday night shoots are always a way to get a little trigger time in and have fun while you’re at it. The matches are again posted at the club, website and Yahoo calendars.
The Website… UGH!!!  The website is a 95% operation. We are STILL trying to get someone to put the final finishing tweaks in place. Frustrating as it is, we continue to try to make it work and hope to find a solution soon. We are, if nothing else, persistent!
Membership dues are now being collected. Please fill out the application form available for download on the website or the club with your $75 dues and mail, drop off in club mailbox or pay at a club meeting by December 31st.  Your Entry card is still valid as long as you are a member. If you have card problems, please contact the Membership Secretary.
Probationary members, please turn your completed participation check list into the Membership Committee. Those who have not completed their checklist yet, please complete as soon as possible. If extensions or special circumstances need to be addressed, please contact the Membership Secretary. We want and need you as full voting members! 
Club Officer Elections are coming up with the offices of Treasurer, Vice President and Executive Officer being decided for a 2 year term. Nominations will be held at the October General Meeting with Elections decided at the November General Meeting.
Please attend and show your support for the future of the club.

50/50 RAFFLE!!!

Please download or pick up tickets at the club, Print or photocopy as many as you need.
Try and sell some to friends, coworkers, etc. This is our major fund raising program at the moment and we need all the funds we can get! Raffle drawing will be held at the March 2017 Membership Meeting. Can’t win if you don’t play!
Participation is really what we need to our club thrive. We need to spread out the tasks of running the club. Come to the club meetings and functions, help us develop new programs and improve our existing ones, share your skills and resources. This is EVERY members club, no one has extra privileges!  Let’s polish the jewel we have!

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