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We would really appreciate any links to our site – www.conestogagunclub.org.


Shooting Gear etc.
bullet Bullseye Pistol Encyclopedia
bullet Cabela’s - Outdoor Supplies and Ammunition
bullet Champion Shooter’s Supply
bullet Colt
bullet Custom Arms Company
bullet IDPA - International Defensive Pistol Association
bullet IPSC  International Practical Shooting Confederation
bullet National Registry of Places to Shoo t (NRA)
bullet Packing.org  This is a site with a list of concealed carry laws by state
bullet Ruger
bullet SASS Home page   - Single Action Shooting Society
bullet Single Shot Rifles, Inc .
bullet Smith and Wesson
bullet Walker   Complete Outfitters for the Cowboy Action Shooter 


Miscellaneous sites

bullet Bucksviews.  A photographic virtual tour of Bucks County, Pa.
bullet Bucksviews Gear  - Coffee Mugs, Tiles, Clothing and more featuring photographs from the Bucksviews website.
bullet Parts Pitstop - We supply a very large selection of parts and accessories for a wide range of ATVs and UTVs, which we sell to many hunters.


Pro Gun Sites

bullet Flashbunny  - This site is best viewed with a high speed connection.  Check out the flash movies on the left hand side of the home page.
bullet A Human Right  Click on the pro-gun side. Then follow through the various links. You will see a whole lot of pro-gun posters. Click on the high res and save/print the pics you want.
bullet Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries  - If you have never read the writings of Jeff Cooper, you might want to check him out. His comments are usually updated monthly.
bullet Keystone Firearms Coalition  - "is the hardline, pro-gun grassroots coalition in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania."
bullet Second Amendment Sisters




Online targets
The following are some links where you can find printable targets online in a variety of formats.
bullet Computer-Printable Targets
bullet Silhouette Targets (at Thomas's Photos, Targets and Art)
bullet MYTARGETS.COM Free Targets That Print In PDF Format
bullet Exploding Groundhog Productions FREE varmint target download page
bullet Free Targets Printable Shooting Rifle Pistol Archery
bullet 9MM Brass Targets
bullet Free Targets for Shooters!


Reactive  targets
The following are some links where you can find metal  targets. (No these are not downloadable! :)
bullet Metal Spinning Targets - New Targets
bullet Speedwell Targets a Division of the Rockwood Corporation  (you need to click through and look at the steel target section)
bullet Newbold, Inc. - Self-Sealing Pistol and Rifle Targets
bullet Portable Reactive Targets  (look for Products, portable reactive)
bullet Action Shooting Products by handgunsports.com


Gun Related Newsgroups

In addition to the websites, there are a couple of newsgroups that deal with guns. You can access them through Google or your newsreader (if you are set up with one)

bullet talk.politics.guns   
bullet rec.guns
bullet alt.sport.shooting

To get to these groups through Google:

bullet rec.guns
bullet Talk.politics.guns
bullet alt.sport.shooting  

If the above links don’t work, go to http://wwww.google.com/ and click on the GROUPS tab. Then search for guns or whatever


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